Healix wins Expatriate Management and Mobility Award (EMMA)

Published Thursday, December 10, 2015

Healix is delighted to have won the Forum for Expatriate Management’s APAC EMMA for ‘Employee Benefits and Services Provider of the Year’.

undefinedShortlisted in both the Americas and EMEA regions for the Employee Benefits and Services Provider of the Year Award earlier this year, we are delighted to have lifted the trophy as Award Winners in the APAC region.

Healix International is a global provider of international medical case management; medical, security and travel assistance services; and international occupational health services. We work on behalf of multinational corporations, governments, NGOs and insurers to look after the welfare of expatriates, travellers, offshore workers and local nationals in every country of the world, 24 hours a day.

To help employers fulfil their duty of care towards staff travelling and working abroad, we developed an integrated Global Travel Risk Management service providing an exceptional level of care for employees and an effective solution for employers. 

By co-ordinating all services needed for travel, health and security risk management through one central point, Healix is able to ensure that all employees get the most appropriate support and protection whilst working abroad. Our unique nurse-led service model ensures the highest quality of service from the moment the first call is received, with all security issues immediately transferred to our specialist security teams.

Communication is improved, employee compliance with policies and procedures can be monitored and employers have a central record evidencing duty of care for each employee. Furthermore, employees have the benefit of liaising with just one central access point.

We work closely with employers to understand their business needs and offer flexibility in tailoring bespoke solutions to meet their specific requirements.

With direct access to a global network of providers and agents, we are able to provide a quality service for employees wherever they are located around the world. This completely independent network means we are not tied to any affiliated clinics or air ambulances, ensuring employees are always treated in the most appropriate facilities for fast, high quality treatment. 

Our commitment to an open partnership with our clients also means they benefit from full transparency on services provided and costs incurred.


For more information on our Global Travel Risk Management services, contact enquiries@healix.com

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