Turkey - Security Evacuation Watch

Published Thursday, August 18, 2016

Healix Security Services raises Security Level to 'Increased Monitoring' following a sustained uptick in terrorist activity / attempted coup

Healix Security Services has issued an Evacuation Watch to clients with a presence in Turkey.  Details of the Executive Summary are below:

undefinedIn light of a sustained uptick in militant activity and failed coup attempt, Healix Security Services has raised its Evacuation Watch level to Increased Monitoring.

Turkey’s security environment has deteriorated since July 2015, and both Kurdish and Islamist militancy now pose a heightened risk to employees. An attempted coup on 15th July reflected growing dissatisfaction with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s increasingly authoritarian governance, and widespread crackdowns in the aftermath have further strengthened his control.

undefinedSecurity risks are MODERATE and STABLE while political risks are MODERATE and DETERIORATING.

Current levels of militancy are unlikely to change significantly in the short-medium term with attacks occurring weekly in the south-east, and once every two months in major urban centres. Political stability is likely to deteriorate in the medium term, with Erdogan’s policies viewed as increasingly authoritarian following an extensive purge of the armed forces, civil service and media.

undefinedAn escalation to WARNING level would follow a dramatic increase in the frequency of terrorist activity and the spread of anti-government sentiment.

Militant groups capitalise on possible security and intelligence vacuums following crackdowns and gain increased operational freedom, with attacks in north-western cities occurring monthly. A vocal anti-government movement emerges and demonstrations are held on a weekly basis countrywide, triggering regular clashes with the security forces.


undefinedCurrent conditions warrant monitoring developments on a monthly basis for a potential deterioration.

Healix Security Services recommend that establishing an evacuation plan is a prudent security measure, but not a necessity at the current time.


For a copy of the full report, click here.

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