Zika Virus: Past, Present and Future webinar

Published Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Join us for our webinar charting the change in perception of Zika from a little known virus in the South Pacific islands to a disease potentially affecting millions of patients.

undefinedDr Simon Worrell , Head of Medical Communications at Healix International will highlight the change in severity of the infection, which may now be threatening the future of thousands of unborn babies.

Aimed at a general audience, the presentation will discuss what is known at present, and also what may be about to occur with this emerging epidemic.

The webinar will be broadcast twice, once on 1st March and then repeated again on 2nd March. 

Tuesday, 1st March
10:00 am Singapore Time (Singapore, GMT+08:00) 
13:00 pm Australia East Coast (Sydney, GMT+11:00)
15:00 pm New Zealand Daylight Time (Wellington, GMT+13:00)

Wednesday, 2nd March
09:00 am USA Pacific (GMT-08:00) 
12:00 noon USA Eastern (GMT-05:00)
17:00 pm London (GMT)
20.00 pm Nairobi Time (GMT+03:00)

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