Integrated medical & security assistance makes the difference in Yemen case study

Published Friday, June 02, 2017

With security risks on the increase around the world, employers face an enormous challenge in ensuring the safety and security of their global workforces and other global assets, especially when in remote and hazardous environments.

undefinedAt Healix we are unique in our ability to offer a truly integrated risk management and assistance operation with our medical and security teams working right alongside each other. This ensures maximum efficiency during incidents involving medical and security issues, as clearly illustrated by the recent case of a crew member taken seriously ill on-board a cargo ship while sailing through the Gulf of Aden.

With limited medical resources on-board and the patient’s condition worsening, we stood up a joint medical and security Incident Management Team.  They arranged medical treatment at a suitably equipped medical facility in Aden and organised all necessary ground support to ensure the patient’s safety in an exceptionally complex operating environment with EXTREME security risks. 

Read about the numerous challenges presented and how we overcame them in our case study, ‘Aden: Anatomy of a joint medical and security assistance case’


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