A unique, automated solution for underwriting individual ‘income protection’ business at the point of sale - ensuring clarity of cover and helping address mis-selling concerns.

The Healix ASU Black Box provides sellers of Accident, Sickness & Unemployment (ASU) insurance with an efficient means to accurately underwrite any increased risk presented by customers with pre-existing medical conditions and to evaluate the risk of redundancy.

Easily integrated into existing sales processes - whether on-line, through a call-centre or via sales agents - the Healix ASU Black Box provides a fully automated risk assessment and rating service that takes just minutes to complete.

The ASU Black Box comprises two modules:

  1. The Medical Module -  assessing any increased risk associated with pre-existing medical conditions
  2. The Redundancy Module - assessing any increased risk of redundancy with question sets tailored to each client’s requirements.

Each module generates an independent score which is used to quote appropriate terms according to the insurer’s own underwriting criteria. The question sets for both modules are seamlessly presented to the customer with the insurer having the option of suppressing the Redundancy Module if redundancy cover is not applicable.

Carefully worded questions allow the customer to provide all relevant information without having to make a separate phone call to underwriters or having to wait for doctors’ reports.  And the customer is provided with a record of their answers and clear details of any medical conditions excluded from cover, ensuring clarity of cover from the outset.

The benefits of Healix’s ASU Black Box include:

  • Fully automated screening with no break in the sales process
  • Accurate assessment of increased risk within minutes
  • Opportunity to generate additional premium from acceptable risks
  • Customer record of medical conditions declared and conditions excluded
  • Option to include or suppress redundancy risk rating
  • Web page ‘plug-ins’ easily integrated with existing sales processes
  • Medical dictionary prompts user on names and spellings of medical terms
  • Facility to review and edit previous screenings against current datasets


For more information or to see a demo, contact HRRTeam@verisk.com or call +44 (0)20 8481 7765 (UK) or +61 (0)7 3171 2940 (Australia).


Healix Risk Rating is a Verisk Analytics Business