Discover the Best Practices in Travel Risk Management

Ensuring the health and security of a global workforce is complex. That’s why we have put together a white paper to help you navigate the elements of a ‘Best Practice’ Travel Risk Management programme.

Best practices in travel risk management white paperToday’s interconnected world and global economy means that increasing numbers of employees are required to travel extensively overseas, often for long periods of time, to multiple destinations and frequently to very unfamiliar environments.

As a result, an employer’s ‘Duty of Care’ towards their personnel has become more complex and increasingly topical. This is especially true when employees are working in remote or dangerous locations where local security and medical facilities are likely to be substandard, ineffective or completely lacking.

Ensuring the health, safety and security of employees when working overseas is key to staff well-being and productivity but it is also essential in the protection of the company’s brand and reputation and is key to ongoing success.

To help you navigate the maze of Travel Risk Management options available, we have put together a white paper on key ‘Best Practices’ that, depending on the size and scope of your organisation, should be implemented to provide you and your employees with a robust support system to attend to the myriad of issues facing today’s business traveller.

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