Health scare in the Middle East - one very happy customer.

When a client’s expatriate employee suffered from inguinal hernia while working in the Middle East, he was very impressed by the efficiency, competency, and rapid decision making exhibited by the Healix case managers. Our demonstration of international ‘best practice’ service, meant that this employee had a very ‘low stress’ experience, and was able return to work as scheduled.

The whole story: An engineering consultant was working in Oman, contracted to an oil and gas company via a global skilled labour placement agency. The agency receives medical assistance services from Healix as part of their health insurance cover. The expatriate consultant had noticed a soft protrusion on his leg a few weeks previously and growing concerned, he decided to call the dedicated Healix 24 hour helpline for advice.

  • The call was passed to one of our medical team who quickly obtained medical details for diagnosis and recommendations. This gentleman worked in a very isolated location with limited access to medical care. In this case, the most appropriate course of action was for him to attend an outpatient appointment.
  • Our case managers arranged a prompt appointment with a networked provider – a specialist expatriate doctor based at a local hospital. We placed guarantee of payment, so all our claimant had to do was turn up.
  • Our medical team reviewed all medical documentation from the appointment to ensure that the diagnosis seemed reasonable and to give our recommendations for further treatment.
  • In this case, as recommended by both the treating doctor in Oman and our medical team at Healix, keyhole surgery was necessary to treat a case of suspected inguinal hernia. Our case manager fast-tracked our response, sending approval for the procedure and further GOP, securing his surgery for the next day.

The surgery went very smoothly and, after an overnight stay, he was discharged and signed all costs over to Healix. He has since made a full recovery, returning to work as scheduled.

What does the patient say?

“I had a very ‘low stress’ experience; the hospital and all personnel and services were provided to international ‘best practice’. Well done Healix for your part in making this happen!”

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