Stranded in Nepal - the country in chaos after a massive earthquake

Earthquake Nepal Banner

When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Kathmandu, Nepal, we received a call from a couple who had been stranded at the airport after their hotel had been severely damaged. Our 24/7 Global Security Operations team were on-hand to do the impossible and got them out of there to safety.

The whole story: Within 30 minutes of being alerted to a 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, a call came through from client’s employee who was stranded in Katmandu with her partner. Their accommodation had been damaged and they had made their way to the airport but everything was in chaos. They reached out to us for assistance in getting emergency accommodation and in booking flights out of the area.

  • The internet was down across the region and communication links were continually being broken. It was virtually impossible to get any accurate information on accommodation and flight availability.
  • All local hotels not damaged by the earthquake were full, so our priority became booking the couple on the first flight out of there. A flight to Abu Dhabi was booked for that evening but the booking site was not up-to-date and the flight had actually been cancelled.
  • After dogged perseverance, the Healix team went above and beyond and secured flights for the couple to Abu Dhabi.
  • Exhausted, the couple arrived in Abu Dhabi, where we booked accommodation for them for the night. They returned to the airport in the morning where we arranged for them to fly on home to Geneva.

The couple were happy to get out of Nepal safely. Our team worked seamlessly together 24/7 and kept everyone informed and achieved the almost impossible.

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