Giving you control over your health and wellbeing strategy

When it comes to looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees there are a multitude of schemes and insurance policies to choose from but do they fit your specific requirements?  In many cases employers find themselves taking off-the-shelf products and services which don’t quite meet their needs and often overlap in benefits provided.

A flexible approach to scheme design

At Healix we believe in a consultative approach, ensuring that we understand your objectives before designing health and wellbeing schemes bespoke to your needs, and enabling integrated provision across all your health related employee benefits, irrespective of who the providers are.

Ensure the most effective use of your overall budget.

By tailoring benefits to your specific requirements and providing expert clinical insight and advice, we give you control over your health and wellbeing strategy, helping ensure the most effective use of your overall budget.

We offer a range of health and wellbeing services that can be wrapped up in a single self-insured healthcare trust, with the many advantages that offers. We can also provide access to other complementary services outside the trust, through special arrangements negotiated with partner organisations.

Nurse-led case management


Our nurse led approach to case management provides ‘claimants’ with a much more reassuring experience. The knowledge, empathy and understanding shown by our case managers means we are able to provide scheme members with a far greater level of support and care.

Our clinical expertise means we can also ensure that the appropriate medical care pathway is taken and that medical costs are correctly managed, without having to restrict hospital choice and avoiding delays in authorisation.

What is a Healthcare Trust and how does it work?

A Healthcare Trust is an alternative way of funding healthcare benefits for employees. Instead of paying premiums to an insurance company, the money is placed in a healthcare trust fund which is used to fund claims.  At Healix we specialise in managing healthcare trust schemes and administering the claims and are consistent winners of the prestigious annual ‘Healthcare Trust Provider Award’.

The main advantages of a Healthcare Trust are the flexibility they offer in scheme design and the fact that if claims fall below the estimated amount, the funds can be retained instead of being lost as additional profit to an insurer.

Advantages of a Healix Healthcare Trust 

  • Greater flexibility in scheme design
  • Future proofing of healthcare spend
  • 24/7 access to GP service
  • Clinical expertise and service excellence from nurse case managers
  • The ability to integrate health and wellbeing benefits across providers
  • Bespoke administration
  • Lower cost to employer
  • Employer retains funds in low claim years
  • Costs capped in high claim years
  • Tax efficiencies
  • Clinically governed and bespoke medical provider networks
  • Leading edge clinically designed treatment pathways
  • Expertly analysed scheme reporting and recommendations

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