Medical Assistance

Exceptional emergency medical assistance for your business travellers or policy holders

At Healix, we have extensive global experience in successfully managing and co-ordinating the medical treatment, evacuation and repatriation of people taken ill or injured while overseas.

Our experience, your peace of mind

As one of the largest emergency medical assistance providers, no one is better placed to provide support to your travellers.

Healix is trusted by thousands of organisations across the globe to manage some of the most complex medical cases imaginable. With almost 30 years of operations, we have built our reputation of service excellence on our understanding of risk and our ability to act swiftly and decisively in any situation, always with the best interests of the patient as our primary focus.

When an employee or policyholder is taken ill or injured abroad, we ensure that they receive the most appropriate care. If a suitable medical facility is not available locally or is ill-equipped to deal with the medical condition notified, we harness our expertise to arrange for patients to be safely taken to the nearest medical centre of excellence or repatriated home.

Care that sets us apart

Employees or policyholders will feel reassured knowing that they are in the best hands.

A dedicated helpline provides 24/7 access to advice and assistance from medical experts. Our in-house team of doctors and critical care nurses have extensive aviation medical care and evacuation experience. Leveraging skills obtained in the field to handle medical emergencies abroad, they are not only able to make timely, informed decisions but also provide real empathy and care. And they are supported by an extremely talented team of multilingual, global assistance co-ordinators.

Why choose Healix?

24/7/365 advice & assistance

Around-the-clock support and assistance delivered by our highly skilled medical team.

Unique proactive approach

Decisive action with the patient’s best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

Coverage that is truly global

Access to our extensive and credentialed international healthcare provider network.

Costs controlled on your behalf

Ensuring that the most appropriate treatment is delivered in a cost-efficient way.

Extensive global coverage

Healix has a truly global reach. Through our own international operational offices, and backed by an impressive network of over 55,000 primary and secondary healthcare providers, we can ensure treatment in every country of the world.

In addition, we maintain an extensive network of accredited air ambulance providers to repatriate patients from even the most remote locations.

Controlled and transparent costs

To us, effective cost containment means costs are minimised without ever compromising on the level of patient care. Our proactive case management ensures that the most appropriate treatment is delivered at all times while maintaining control of costs. We assess treatment in line with patients’ medical needs and insurance cover, avoiding any unnecessarily inflated expenses in the process.

Ensuring treatment at the most appropriate place for the patient and in the most cost-efficient way for you

Maintaining a global cost containment network helps us ensure that you benefit from savings from negotiated discounts and protocol pricing. And, unlike some of our competitors, we don’t have any arrangements which put us under pressure to direct patients to specific clinics in order to generate additional revenue. The fact that we’re truly independent means we can use any suitable medical facility in the world. That means we can always arrange treatment at the most appropriate place for the patient and in the most cost-efficient way for you.

Healix also offer transparent accountability when it comes to costs. We provide a clear breakdown of fees so that you can see exactly what you have to pay and why.

Emergency medical assistance: Covid-19

Healix has continued to provide exceptional medical assistance throughout the pandemic.

Our thorough understanding of risk and the ability to navigate additional complications of Covid-19 related travel disruption and border closures means we’ve been able to ensure patients an efficient and well-coordinated response to their medical emergencies abroad.

CASE STUDY: Suspected Covid case in Iraq requiring urgent evacuation

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