Risk Intelligence

Inform   |   Analyse   |    Advise  |  Predict

Accurate, actionable intelligence specific to the location of travelling employees and overseas operations is key to effective travel risk management. At Healix our mission is to:

Inform: Provide accurate security and risk intelligence which is relevant to the traveller and risk manager in a timely and informative manner

Analyse: Investigate the underlying causes of a risk, assess the likelihood of that risk affecting your operations, and determine its potential impact

Advise: Provide actionable advice that allows travellers and managers to safely navigate risk environments across the world

Predict: Provide forecasts to help risk managers develop long-term strategic plans to manage evolving risk environments

Our team of Security Analysts ensure that your travellers receive succinct, informative and timely updates on incidents that pose a potential risk while they are travelling in unfamiliar environments without their usual support network. For Risk Managers, we provide analysis into the causes and effects of risks, as well as longer term implications for their operations in an evolving risk environment.

Travellers and expatriate workers have instant access to critical insight and support, before and during assignments… 
  • Security Alerts: Succinct six hundred-character alerts
  • Country Information: Comprehensive background travel and security information
  • Security Advice: Extensive ‘Travel Tips’
  • Risk Ratings: Security risk broken down geographically.
Risk Managers are provided with the tools to manage the risks facing their global workforce…
  • Weekly Forecasts: Highlights ‘upcoming issues/events’ in each region
  • Threat Reports: Examines specific ‘Threat Actors’
  • Risk Reports: Security, Political, Operational and Business risk reports
  • Special Advisories: An in depth report on high profile developing issues or recent events
  • Evacuation Watch: Alerts you to any changes in the Evacuation Watch level
  • Risk Rating Changes: Alerts you to any changes in the Risk Ratings
  • Risk Webcast: Easily accessible video & audio webcast on high profile issues.


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