Global Intelligence Portal

The Healix Global Intelligence and Assistance (GIA) Portal offers comprehensive intelligence on security risks and provides 24/7 access to our GSOC team.

A convenient dashboard within the portal displays clear and intuitive information around current incident alerts. These alerts are updated in real-time by our risk analysts who monitor and report on international incidents and potential threats as they happen.

The GIA Portal also provides up-to-date risk management information and offers profiles on every country worldwide. These profiles include risk levels by country, evacuation risk levels and practical travel security advice.

We utilise both open and closed sources of information and have access to advanced, location-specific social media intelligence data mining capabilities, allowing our team to carry out key word and event-specific scans across electronic information throughout the world. Incidents are identified, corroborated and confirmed with our people on the ground prior to being published to the Portal. The incident data gathered by our security team is then used to analyse current and ongoing threat levels for our clients.

Regular reports include:

  • Weekly Forecast – identifies the most pertinent upcoming issues and events in each region
  • Threat Report – examines the intent and capability of specific ‘threat actors’ and the potential risk to your assets
  • Risk Report – assesses developments that could impact the risk environment and analyses the implications, forecasting potential scenarios
  • Special Advisories – detailed reports looking at high-profile developing issues with a focus on longer term implications and advice for the risk manager
  • Evacuation Watch – summarises events leading to a change in our risk levels, examines trends, and identifies trigger events, making recommendations for Security Managers
  • Risk Rating Changes – communicates changes to the security, operational, business or political risk ratings.

Support Services

In addition to the global security intelligence provided by the GIA Portal, subscribers can also access the following support services:

24/7 Security Hotline – for information, advice and assistance

Advisory Services – to help manage a destabilising security environment in a phased, cost-efficient manner that ensures employees are exposed to minimal risk while focusing on the importance of maintaining key business processes

Facilitation of turnkey evacuation for security crises – from the point of incident, accommodation of worksite to the nearest international safe-haven

Referrals for other security services – for access to reliable and expert providers vetted by our global security assistance team.


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