Travel Oracle

Essential technology for your expatriate employees and business travellers, to ensure their safety and wellbeing while abroad.

The Healix Travel Oracle portal and mobile app are invaluable resources for your global workforce. These tools were developed in conjunction with leading health and security experts and provide instant access to critical insight and support before and during overseas assignments.

Travel Oracle Portal

The Travel Oracle portal provides an invaluable source of pre-travel advice and destination information. The portal can be branded in your corporate style and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a secure log-on.

Features include:

  • Country Profiles
  • Travel Alerts
  • Pre-trip Advice
  • Travel Tips
  • Health Risks
  • Risk Map

Travel Oracle App

The Travel Oracle mobile App is a valuable travel safety companion, providing current travel information, advice and real-time alerts on breaking news globally.

Available on iOS and Android platforms, the app includes all the benefits of the Travel Oracle website, as well as an emergency ‘Mayday’ feature, an e-learning course and secure document storage.

Features include:

  • News and Alerts – Our security analysts provide a global incident monitoring service with real time country alerts, news and breaking incidents sent directly to your employees’ mobile phone or tablet via the app. Our alerts are designed to brief the traveller of developments, provide an assessment on the situation, and advise the reader on how to mitigate their risk of exposure to the incident. This is a vital resource for pre-trip preparations as well as for monitoring developments while on assignment.
  • Emergency ‘Mayday’ Function – An inbuilt ‘Mayday’ function ensures assistance is just a tap of a button away should an emergency occur. If the ‘Mayday’ is activated, an email alert is automatically sent to designated contacts along with a series of situational photographs, a sound recording and GPS location.
  • Country Profiles – Comprehensive background travel and security briefings on over 200 countries provides your global workforce with essential information and advice in advance of their assignment. This feature arms them with useful local knowledge and informs them of country risks and cultural differences.
  • Pre-Trip Advice & E-learning – This powerful combination of pre-travel advice and travel tips covering a range of issues from health advice to accommodation security, plus an award winning series of security training videos, helps to ensure that your employees are aware of safety measures they should take to help protect themselves while abroad.
  • Personal Documents & Profile – A secure 50mb storage facility for digitally scanned documents and photographs means that copies of passports or other travel documents can be securely saved and quickly produced in the event that the original documents are lost or stolen while abroad.

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