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Healix manages medical claims for UK corporate healthcare schemes as well as handling UK private medical claims for overseas visitors on behalf of international PMI companies. We also handle medical claims administration for UK insurers and arrange UK private hospital admissions for international insurers.

With our rapid growth in the Corporate Healthcare Trust market fuelled by employers wishing to take advantage of the flexibility and savings they offer, and our expansion in the management of UK medical claims for overseas visitors, Healix is fast becoming a significant source of revenue growth for the UK’s private medical providers.

Nurse-led case management means efficient service

Our nurse-led approach to case management means that claims are handled efficiently, to the benefit of both the patient and provider. We ensure that treatment is covered under the scheme rules, arrange and manage treatment and authorise bills for payment.

With few exceptions, we operate on the basis of Healix pre-authorising treatment and settling invoices directly with all our providers. We also believe in settling invoices without delay, ensuring that all pre-authorised invoices are processed within 30 days of receipt.

Register To Become A Recognised UK Healthcare Professional Within Our Network

Healix Health Services are now in partnership with Healthcode for all new recognition requests and change of details requests for existing specialists, practitioners and therapists.

We ask all Healthcare Professionals to register through The Private Practice Register, an online registration system powered by Healthcode, to ensure your details within our network are accurate and up to date. This will simplify our systems and enable us to handle your invoices and queries more efficiently, saving time and money for your practice and our business.

When you log in to The Private Practice Register for the first time, you will be asked to provide details such as your regulatory body number, treatment sites, correspondence address, contact details, practice hours etc. Once you have completed your registration with Healthcode, it will take around three weeks to process, and you will be notified once the review is complete.

You will also be required to confirm whether or not you adhere to our Schedule of Fees. If you do not agree to our fees, Healix will settle payments up to our reasonable and customary rates, and any remaining shortfall should be requested from the patient directly.

If you are already a recognised Healthcare Professional within our network, your profile will remain active on our system, however in order to change and update any information or personal details, you will be required to do this via The Private Practice Register.

Electronic billing

Upon registering with the Private Practice Register, you will receive complimentary access to the ePractice biller provided by Healthcode, the UK’s trusted provider of secure online billing to the private health market, processing £2.5 billion each year for virtually every private UK hospital and medical administrator / insurer.

All invoices must be submitted electronically via Healthcode, and it is vital you ensure that full treatment details are provided on the invoice to avoid processing delays.

To find out more about electronic billing and The Private Practice Register, please contact the customer service desk at Healthcode 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday on 01784 263150, or email

Register To Become A Recognised UK Healthcare Facility / Clinic Within Our Network

To register to become a recognised UK healthcare facility or clinic within our network, please complete this form and return it to the Provider Network Team at along with a full tariff of fees for your request to be considered.

Healix UK Schedule of Fees

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Privacy Notice for Providers

For details of how Healix collects, processes and protects your data please refer to our privacy policy for providers.