I am already recognised with Healix, why do I need to do this again?

Your existing profile on our system will not change by putting your details on the Private Practice Register. We simply want to ease the administration process in the long term for both parties.

The Private Practice Register simply means all of your information will be in one place, any updates made on your Private Practice Register profile will automatically be updated with us. Healthcode are also in partnership with other Healthcare Companies meaning if you select to register with others, they will also receive all updates you make, thus simplifying administration for you.

Access to electronic billing means quicker payment of invoices to the details specified by you, avoiding errors

We will have your contact details, making it easier for us to communicate and ensure remittances are directed to the correct place

Can all Healthcare Professionals use the Private Practice Register?

Currently the Private Practice Register can only accept applications for individual specialists, therapists and practitioners. It does not have the functionality to process Clinic or Hospital applications.

Healix operate an open network where our members chose who they would like to see. Therefore due to the size of our network, we only accept Therapists who are due to or are treating a Healix member. Once your application is received and reviewed, we will contact you for more information.

Are there any costs involved?

The ePractice biller service and the Private Practice Register are offered free of charge. In addition to ePractice biller, there are two additional service levels available on subscription:
ePractice biller Plus – billing and payment tracking
ePractice manager – practice management

Click here for more information or alternatively email busdev@healthcode.co.uk.