NZTE Vaccine FAQs

We will only support access to vaccines which have been both approved by an agency on the WHO list of Stringent Regulatory Authorities and endorsed by Healix.

Yes. We are working closely with NZ Inc to promote policy alignment and to ensure that any opportunities to access vaccines are made available to all of NZ Inc.

Not currently. Globally, the purchase and rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is being managed by governments via large pre-purchase agreements which can absorb all available supply. Private purchase of vaccines is not expected to be an option for some time.

Due to the complex logistics, temperature control, supply chain management, and local regulatory permissions required for vaccine shipping and administering, it is unlikely to be a technically feasible option at this stage. However this will be further assessed as available vaccines and Regional contexts change.

No. Staff are encouraged to be vaccinated when safe and effective vaccines are available and accessible, but no staff will be required to be vaccinated at the moment.

People who are offered a vaccine locally should seek medical advice (Healix) with respect to the approval status, safety and efficacy of the vaccine, and whether it is recommended for their particular circumstances.

Contact Healix for advice on COVID-19 vaccinations, including whether a particular vaccine can be considered safe and effective.

Healix Covid Vaccine Support contact details

Website – NZTE Covid Vaccination | Healix
Email –
Phone – +64 (0) 9 892 6182 IVR option 2

Yes, on advice from Healix. Medsafe is only expected to progress approvals for vaccines that are likely to be delivered to New Zealand, and this will not include all vaccines that may be safe and effective.

It is important that any vaccine you consider has been subject to adequate assessment and approval prior to use. You should contact Healix for advice on the safety and efficacy of particular vaccines prior to taking up a vaccination opportunity. Healix is not limited to recommending Medsafe-approved vaccines.

No. The vaccine also needs to be endorsed by Healix and complemented by specific medical advice on whether the vaccine, under its current approval, is recommended for your particular circumstances.

Healix can provide advice on the approval in place for particular vaccines and their suitability for individuals.

No. Provided you are in the country as an accredited diplomat, the Vienna Convention provisions on inviolability mean you cannot be forced to take a vaccine. Expats facing this situation should contact their people leader immediately.

No. Freedom of movement is protected under the Vienna Convention, subject to national security. While, some states have considered the pandemic a matter of national security, New Zealand does not agree with this interpretation. If you have any difficulties, please get in touch with your people leader.

You should request to have your vaccine recorded by the administering physician or agency in one of the WHO ‘yellow card’ booklets that record vaccination details and dates.

Expats and recognised partners and dependants are asked to also confirm vaccination details with the Safety and Wellbeing Team so that they can be recorded.

Role of Healix

Healix’s role with respect to COVID-19 vaccines is to provide medical advice and recomenations to all our international people. They will also publish up to dat information on the Healix Covid Vaccination website.

At present (January 2021) Healix is not able to arrange for our people offshore to be vaccinated, as all contracts for vaccine supplies are with governments who are sequencing access according to their particular public health priorities.

This may change depending on local policy on vaccine approval and access priorities as vaccines become more generally available over time.