GSA Global: Independent Audits and Assessments

Aligning travel risk management policies with ISO 31030

Organisations have a moral and legal responsibility to protect their mobile workforce from foreseeable travel threats and risks.

According to experts, the world is becoming a more dangerous place, yet business travel is growing. At Healix, we want to help you provide the best standard of care and protection for your travelling employees.

Healix has partnered with GSA Global – a leading risk, security and resilience management consultancy and service provider – to provide our clients with independent travel risk assessments and audits to check that their travel management policies and procedures meet the best practice criteria included in the ISO 31030 framework.

Evaluating how your travel risk management programme is structured, governed and operated will help you mitigate security and medical risks, protecting your people wherever they travel.

What is ISO 31030?

ISO 31030 is a framework established to help organisations manage the challenges associated with business travel. The guidance offers an opportunity for organisations to implement a more robust and unified travel risk management process.

It consists of guidance in four different areas that businesses should consider, including policy, threat and hazard identification, traveller management and mitigation strategies. The framework is accessible for all organisations, with flexible recommendations that can be implemented appropriately based on a company’s operating context and risk criteria.

Where do you start?

Leverage independent assessment and audits through GSA Global, to understand where you are on the journey

The GSA Global Readiness Assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and you will receive your results instantly via email, as well as a downloadable link. 

Your gap analysis results will be the beginning of your journey in maturing your travel risk management programme, where Healix can support you the whole way to accreditation.

Benefits of this approach

Healix and GSA Global: Why this partnership?

Our partnership with GSA Global not only enhances our travel risk management services but by collaborating with an independent organisation such as theirs, adds credibility. Ensuring we are delivering bespoke solutions at the highest standard, for our clients. Hear from Jacob Painter, Consultant, Corporate Risk Programmes, Healix and Nick Hawkins, Marketing, Sales & Marketing, GSA Global discuss the importance for organisations in meeting the ISO 31030 for travel risk management.

Healix and GSA Global

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