Healix International is trusted to look after the welfare of the expatriate and local national workforces of one of the world’s leading multinational engineering groups. Serving the oil & gas, clean energy, environment & infrastructure and mining markets, these employees live and work in some of the most hostile and remote of locations.

Client: Global Engineering Group

Population: 47,000 expatriates and local nationals from a diverse range of cultures and nationalities.

Locations: Living and working in over 50 countries, including some of the most hostile and remote locations in Afghanistan, Iraq and North Africa.

Services: Comprehensive package of care, including:

  • Primary and secondary healthcare globally
  • Medical assessments and screening globally
  • Emergency response planning
  • Emergency medical evacuations and repatriation
  • Remote site medical support
  • Remote site medical staffing
  • Occupational health and fit for work support
  • Travel monitoring and security support

Languages: Multiple