Humanitarian & International Development

Healix International is very proud to be able to support the activities of humanitarian and international development organisations. A typical example is one the world’s largest and most respected humanitarian organisations working to reduce the poverty and suffering of millions of people around the globe.

Client: Global Non-Governmental Organisation

Population:   Over 4,000 expatriates and 5,000 local national employees.

Locations: Living and working in over 67 different countries, including some of the most challenging and remote environments on the planet.

Services: Comprehensive package of care, including:

  • Elective and non-elective primary and secondary healthcare globally
  • Medical advice and second opinion
  • Emergency medical evacuations and repatriation
  • On-going medical case management
  • Online travel support
  • Travel assistance

Languages: English, French and Spanish

Security management services for Humanitarian & International Development Organisations

Integrated intelligence, assistance and consultancy

Humanitarian and international development organisations operate in some of the most insecure environments globally. Healix International aims to prepare, enable and assist imperative humanitarian and development aid organisations, and to ensure that risks posed to personnel, assets and operations in the field can be properly managed.

Through effective risk mitigation, we help organisations ensure donor confidence, and fulfil their duty of care obligations to their employees. Rather than solely accepting or avoiding risk, we encourage organisations to consider methods of treating, transferring, spreading, concentrating or taking opportunity from risk, as well as using a combination of these mitigation measures, to make risks as low as reasonably practical.

We understand that security can look very different in both the humanitarian and development sectors, compared to the corporate world. For this reason, we encourage the use of explicit NGO security management strategies, including the use of acceptance as a form of protection.

Security Management Services specifically designed for Humanitarian & International Development organisations include:

  • Discounted security risk management subscription packages, tailored to the specific needs of not-for-profits
  • 24/7 access to our security experts offering advice and support
  • Informative and timely updates on incidents that pose a potential risk to safety of field staff
  • Pre-trip advice and destination information for up-coming projects
  • Intelligence designed to assist in the decision-making process
  • Consultancy services, including ground support services and personnel protection
  • Deployable Emergency Response (DER) Unit to assess the impact of an emergency, coordinate and deliver a response at the local level, and facilitate the recovery of operations on the ground.

To discover more about our dedicated security and risk management services designed for humanitarian and international development organisations, download a copy of our detailed brochure.