8 tips for travellers to the FIFA World Cup 2018

Will your company be sending any employees to the FIFA World Cup this summer? Our security experts share some general precautionary advice for spectators to consider while at the event.

#1 Obtain a Fan-ID: Travellers attending the matches are required to obtain a Fan-ID before travelling to Russia. The Fan-ID accompanied by a valid passport can be used as a substitute for a visa for entry and exit into Russia for the duration of the World Cup. The Fan-ID must be acquired for entry into the stadiums.

#2 Be vigilant of belongings: Be especially vigilant of your belongings when in busy tourist areas, at transport hubs, and around the stadiums. If possible carry wallets in inaccessible pockets and leave non-essential valuables hidden in your hotel room.

#3 Carry ID at all times: Visitors are advised to carry correct identification on them at all times and, if approached by the police, politely ask to see their identification and call your embassy if in any doubt. Corrupt law enforcement officials have reportedly looked to extort travellers, especially in key transport hubs. Travellers may be accused of having inadequate documentation on their person and will be asked to pay a fine to solve the problem. Have the telephone number of your embassy to hand and avoid carrying large amounts of cash as a precaution.

#4 Report suspicious activity: Visitors should report any suspicious packages or unusual behaviour to authorities, and leave the area. There is a credible risk of terrorism and travellers are advised to be especially vigilant, in particular at Luznikhi stadium (Russia’s largest stadium), at St. Petersburg stadium, in busy public areas such as in queues at the stadium entrance, on public transport and in hotel lobbies.

#5 Avoid crowds attracting law enforcement attention: While travellers are likely to find themselves in large crowds around the stadiums, fans are advised to avoid and leave any gatherings attracting law enforcement action as these could be flashpoints for violence.

#6 Be aware of discrimination: Due to the risk of discrimination, travellers from ethnic minorities and LGBT communities are advised to exercise enhanced situational awareness when walking around the stadiums and enter the stadium as soon as possible if feeling uncomfortable outside.

#7 Seek family friendly areas: A number of firms have threatened to target British fans during the World Cup and spectators, especially groups of male supporters, should be particularly attentive around the stadium as they are the most likely to experience confrontation. Try to seek family friendly areas to reduce the risk of being targeted. In addition, spectators are advised not to wear local Russian club team shirts when attending the World Cup, as this may spark anger among rival supporters.

#8 Do not discuss Russian-Western politics in public: Due to ongoing diplomatic disputes between Russia and a number of western countries, travellers are advised not to discuss the political situation in public. Travellers are advised to closely monitor ongoing political developments between Russia and western countries.


At Healix, our Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) is offering a range of bespoke short-term security provisions for anyone visiting the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia this summer amid growing political tensions. For more information, click here.

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