Healix’s Active Monitoring service now available via new Concur Locate travel risk management platform

At GBTA2017 in Boston last week, Concur® announced the global availability of Active Monitoring along with Concur Locate, the latest version of its risk management platform, previously known as Concur Risk Messaging.

concur-locate-bannerActive Monitoring from Healix International (and our US division, HX Global), enables companies of all sizes to experience the benefits of a global security operations centre without the infrastructure and headcount. Our security experts actively monitor the global security environment 24 hours a day and within minutes of a serious incident occurring are able to identify clients’ employees that could be impacted, instantly initiating two-way communication to ascertain if they need assistance. Previously, a powerful global security solution of this scale was only available at a high cost to large enterprises where resources are managed internally.

Declan Meighan, Global Managing Director at Healix International explains how Active Monitoring and Concur Locate are able to more accurately identify employees at risk compared to other travel tracking tools. “Most travel tracking tools only capture a % of the travelling population due to the fact that some employees book travel outside of the TMC programme.  This figure is roughly 20% per client which means a fifth of the travelling population are unaccounted for and will not receive the relevant location specific risk intelligence and requisite response during a crisis.  The Concur Locate platform allows access to much more granular traveller information ensuring that employees are well informed and supported at all times.

“Furthermore, Active Monitoring covers a client’s expatriate employees and local nationals as well as their travellers as a result of the integration of HR data within the Concur Locate platform, providing a much more comprehensive solution to duty of care.”

Keeping clients fully briefed throughout from initial incident right through to resolution also ensures that they have the knowledge needed to brief stakeholders and for effective decision-making in fulfilling their duty of care.

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