Brexit threatens further border disruption in the New Year

Border Disruption

Border closure imposed by France causes extensive queues at UK ports, and Brexit threatens further disruption at ports and crossings in the coming weeks. Healix offers bespoke support to extend organisations’ monitoring capacity over the holiday period. 

Current situation and forecast for border disruption

The discovery of a new strain of coronavirus, thought to be significantly more infectious, prompted the French government to halt all human traffic from the UK on 21st December for an initial period of 48 hours. The ban extended to all human-handled freight and caused extensive disruption to supply chains, with over 1,500 vehicles queuing in Kent, awaiting the resumption of train and ferry services to the mainland. While the border has now reopened, the disruption is a reminder of the speed with which restrictions can be imposed under the current political climate.


The UK is set to leave the EU’s regulatory orbit on 1st January, with no trade deal yet agreed by negotiators. Similar disruption is highly likely at ports and crossings in the New Year; even if a deal is agreed it may not be implemented before the UK’s exit date.

The escalating operational risks caused by the combination of Brexit and the pandemic make it critical for businesses to have access to timely intelligence on disruption and closures, so supply chains and personnel can be rerouted to ensure business continuity.

How Healix can help

The Healix GSOC can provide 24/7 monitoring of selected routes, locations and travel hubs, providing security managers with real-time alerts of potential disruption, as well as political developments that may have operational consequences. A dedicated intelligence and research expert can be embedded to provide daily briefings customised to the needs of your company, incorporating recent developments and long-term strategic analysis. The analysis will combine both Brexit and pandemic-related developments, giving a comprehensive overview of the near-term operational risks.

This support can be implemented at short notice to augment your organisation’s monitoring capacity over the festive period.

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