Brexit: preparing your business for the unknown

Brexit Guide Front Cover

The United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union at 23h00 local time on 29th March, otherwise known as Brexit. However, politicians in both the UK and the EU are playing a cat-and-mouse game, holding firm on their respective positions and refusing to compromise on changes to the withdrawal agreement needed to pass it through the British parliament at this late stage.

The lack of clarity on the situation and the future relationship between the UK and the EU is making it extremely difficult for companies to develop a response to changes in the business and operational landscape after Brexit. Nevertheless, to maintain a competitive edge in a new era of the UK’s political economy, it is essential that companies prepare for the numerous possible outcomes. That’s why our in-house security experts have put together a useful guide entitled “Brexit: preparing your business for the unknown”, giving an overview of the current political situation, explaining the risks of a no-deal Brexit, and detailing ways to prepare your business for the fallout.

Healix can assist your company through this process by offering a range of embedded and monitoring options, including an embedded political risk consultant, an embedded logistics coordinator and customised event monitoring.

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