Clipper 2017-18 Update: The South Atlantic Leg

After 14 days of adrenaline-charged competition and an intense sprint to the finish line, the South Atlantic leg comes to a close as the first team crosses the finish line. We recap over the last 3,560 nautical miles of the Clipper 2017-18 race, as the rest of the fleets continue to arrive in port in Cape Town.

Clipper-update-leg-2Leg 2, the South Atlantic leg was the second of thirteen races that make up the Clipper Race 2017-18.  The last 14 days made some incredible viewing as the teams took on every challenge thrown at them.

For the duration of the race, the Greening’s team set the pace, closely followed by Dare to Lead. The teams have been neck and neck since the opening day of the race, and it was an intense battle to the finish line, with just 2 nautical miles, 17 minutes and 45 seconds, between them. Greenings have taken their second consecutive victory through tactical thinking and hard work.

Official standings are yet to be announced, as the rest of the fleets are expected to continue to arrive in port over the next several days.

PSP will be bringing up the rear, estimated to be 9 days behind the winning team. On day 2 of the race, PSP had a collision with a whale which caused serious damage to the starboard rudder. Luckily, nobody was injured in the accident; however the team had to return to Uruguay for mandatory repairs on the yacht before continuing with the race.

Healix remained on standby throughout, ready to step in and provide assistance if a medical emergency arose. We are currently managing a small amount of non-serious cases, for which we have arranged specialist treatment upon arrival in Cape Town with some of our best networked providers.
The fleets will remain in port until 31st October 2017, marking the start of Leg 3. the Southern Ocean Leg. These roller-coaster conditions are set to be some of the most challenging of the circumnavigation, so we predict another impressive race!

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