December World Health Report 2019

November World Health Report
In the December World Health Report, we shed light on the latest outbreaks of infectious diseases around the world causing concern for employers and business travellers.

Other features:

Plague in China and the US

Zika in Europe

Dengue in Spain

Our top story in the December Report: Measles around the world

According to the WHO, there were more measles cases worldwide in the first six months of 2019 than in the corresponding period of any year since 2006.
While the greatest number of deaths occurred in the poorest countries, some wealthier countries have also been battling measles outbreaks, with significant ramifications for people’s health.

Most recently, the pacific island nation of Samoa has declared a state of emergency. Since October, a measles outbreak has gripped the Pacific nation, killing 76 people – more than 60 of them children under the age of four.

There are around 200 children arriving at hospitals every day across the country and the main hospital in Apia has over a dozen children on ventilators.

In late November, schools were closed nationwide and indefinitely banned children younger than 17 from public gatherings. This is against a background of steep declines in vaccination rates across the nation. There is now a mandate that all 200,000 residents be vaccinated.

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Infectious disease and business continuity for your organisation

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