FIFA World Cup 2018: are your travel risk management protocols in place?

With the risk of terrorism and crime increasing in many parts of the world, traditionally secure environments are now under threat. Because of this, it is vital to ensure that you have appropriate travel risk management protocols in place in order to mitigate potential security threats.

At Healix, our Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) is offering a range of bespoke short-term security provisions for anyone visiting the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia this summer amid growing political tensions.

Services include

Customised World Cup Risk Assessment

A bespoke document written by our Security experts, analysing the risk environment in Russia taking in to consideration the context of your itinerary.

Site Audit

A detailed, comprehensive audit survey of a site of interest, for example a particular hotel or office base, to determine where potential security breaches exist and provide recommendations to mitigate their impact.

Customised Event Monitoring

We can provide ongoing monitoring of any client specific concerns, security incidents or brand risk sentiment for the duration of the event using our cutting edge intelligence scanning tools and social media mining. You can receive real time updates for customised alerting thresholds. This service can be provided for either 12 hrs or 24 hrs of cover.

Event Security Advisor

Assignment of an in-situ Security Advisor providing the following suite of services:

Pre Event

  • Customised security briefings / risk assessments
  • Pre-travel Webex-based training
  • Desktop hotel auditing
  • Journey management planning
  • Pre-event recce.

During Event

  • Daily threat intel briefings
  • Ground support coordination for all routine travel
  • On-call advice
  • Guarantee of payment for hospitals
  • Local coordination for emergency support
  • 24/7 access to the Healix GSOC for the duration of the competition.

Find out more

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