Healix Sentinel suite of services enables businesses to get moving again

Healix Sentinel Protect

Integrated range of security and risk management solutions gives risk managers peace of mind for international operations

There’s no question that the landscape for international business travel has changed beyond recognition. Recent research by the Institute of Travel Management found that 38% of corporate travel managers expect their firm’s travel plans and budgets for 2021 to be down by 25% to 50% compared to 2019. However, for many organisations that operate on an international footprint there is also an imperative to get employees moving again, and for expat workers to be located abroad. And with this requirement comes all the usual risks – as well as COVID-19. In response, Healix International has developed a new suite of tools to give risk managers vital control in meeting their duty-of-care obligations.

The Healix Sentinel suite of services brings together five solutions to provide global organisations with vital tools to stay informed of the risks their employees and operations may face, and to take appropriate action wherever they are across the globe.

This year has been extraordinary and organisations around the world are adjusting to a new way of working to ensure business continuity and productivity. Remote working can only go so far though and it is critical for many businesses that travel resumes. While COVID-19 brings a new dynamic, all the other risks associated with working abroad, such as earthquakes, terrorist activities or staff experiencing other health related emergencies, remain. Whether it is risk associated with COVID-19, or a country’s political landscape, we understand the importance of balance. Excessive risk management programmes can be burdensome and costly, while inadequate cover leaves an organisation vulnerable to operational disruption, reputational damage and potential litigation.

Healix Sentinel: a customisable solution

Developed by our experts in crisis management and risk mitigation, the Healix Sentinel suite of services goes beyond the traditional travel risk space to focus instead on ‘people’ risk management, whether they are travelling or not. Another refreshing way the Sentinel platform stands out is the way the client risk manager – rather than the employee – is seen as the primary stakeholder.  Organisations often have only a small team, or a single individual, responsible for risk mitigation. That’s a heavy burden. The Sentinel platform addresses that issue by making their lives easier and acting as a force multiplier.

Our holistic approach encompasses planning, preparing and taking appropriate action as and when required. By providing a solution scalable to specific needs, this new suite of offerings allows risk managers to capitalise on opportunities in challenging environments within their own risk parameters. As well as helping tackle an organisation’s risk management concerns and giving peace of mind, the Healix Sentinel suite helps an organisation maintain a competitive advantage and will enhance its reputation as a secure and compliant organisation.

To discover how we can tailor a crisis and risk management solution to your particular requirements, reach out to us at enquiries@healix.com.

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