Our June World Health Report 2019 is available now

Read our monthly round-up of the current epidemics and outbreaks of infectious diseases causing concern to business travellers across the world, written by Dr Adrian Hyzler, Chief Medical Officer at Healix International.

What’s inside the June World Health Report?

  • EBOLA – While armed militia groups continue to disrupt the efforts of the health authorities of the DRC to contain the Ebola outbreak, the first ever cases of Ebola have been confirmed in neighbouring Uganda. Could we see this outbreak escalate to a Public Health Emergency of International Concern?
  • MEASLES – Fifteen years ago, the Filipino health authorities had nearly eliminated measles, but the virus has made a worrying comeback. Can a government-launched vaccination campaign successfully combat chronically low immunisation rates?
  • EXTREME SPORT – Mount Everest is well known for being a dangerous peak to climb, but 2019 has had one of the highest death rates in four years. But who or what is to blame?
  • MOSQUITOES – Is the world’s deadliest animal expanding its horizons?
  • NEWS-IN-BRIEF – A round-up of other medical news stories you may have missed over the last month.

Infectious Disease and Business Continuity for your Organisation

When a serious infectious disease strikes, you need to act fast to isolate the risk and close down the means of it spreading throughout your organisation. Are you prepared?  Healix can offer a free assessment of your current plans by a highly qualified specialist in pandemic planning. For more information, please contact us at enquiries@healix.com.

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