Healix launches LGBT Travel Safety eLearning module

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Helping organisations better meet their duty of care obligations for their diverse workforce

Around the world, travellers identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) are becoming more globally mobile, for both business and leisure. This comes with challenges as LGBT travellers continue to face unique legal, social, cultural and security risks. At the same time the legal and societal risk landscape is constantly changing and global attitudes are increasingly polarised.

Many employees may not feel comfortable disclosing their sexual orientation, therefore it is important that organisations offer accessible advice, accounting for the specific risks LGBT travellers may face in order for employers to better meet their moral, and often legal, duty of care obligations to their mobile workforce.

While everyone’s individual experiences can and will vary, our new LGBT Travel Safety eLearning module has been designed to highlight some of the most important considerations and risk mitigation measures for LGBT travellers.

Travellers can access relevant LGBT travel safety information and risk mitigation advice on-demand. After taking the module, travellers will be able to confidently understand the unique risk environments that LGBT individuals face around the world and demonstrate an awareness of measures that they can take to help keep themselves safe.

Our 25-minute module covers numerous topics, including:

  • Pre-Trip Considerations – many legal and social risks can be mitigated through pre-departure research
  • Understanding the Legal and Societal Risks – legal and social attitudes toward LGBT travellers differ considerably from country to country
  • Security and Health Risks – security risks and the availability and quality of healthcare vary significantly around the world
  • Travelling with a Same-Sex Partner – advice on precautions to take when travelling with a same-sex partner
  • Long-term Deployments – important points to consider before relocating to a new country
  • Being Sociable – looking at the elevated risks faced by LGBT travellers when socialising abroad
  • Travel Tips for Transgender Travellers – addressing the unique security, health and logistical risks faced by transgender people when travelling abroad
  • Accessing Post-Incident Support – what to do if an incident has taken place
  • Ten Top Tips – a concise summary of actions to take to keep safe.

Each topic is followed by an interactive quick knowledge check, to recap the content covered and allow travellers to track their progress through the module.


To find out more about our LGBT Travel Safety eLearning module, or to request a demo, please contact enquiries@healix.com or visit our Security Training page to see our full range of training options.

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