November World Health Report 2019

November World Health Report
In the November World Health Report, we shed light on the latest outbreaks of infectious diseases around the world causing concern for employers and business travellers.

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Our top story this month: A step towards the eradication of wild poliovirus

On World Polio Day, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that Wild Poliovirus Type 3 (WPV3) had been eradicated globally. The eradication of WPV3 follows the global eradication of Wild Poliovirus Type 2 (WPV2) in 2015.

Though there are three serotypes of polio virus, they all cause the same disease. However, there are genetic and virologic differences that make these three strains act as three separate viruses that must each be eradicated individually.

The final reservoirs of Wild Poliovirus Type 1 (WPV1) are now only found in two countries – the politically and geographically fraught regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Over the last 30 years, concerted vaccination campaigns have resulted in a remarkable 99.9% reduction in worldwide cases of wild poliovirus. It is estimated that the world has saved more than US$27 billion in healthcare costs since the programme was instigated.

There are still cases of vaccine-derived polio (VDP) where vaccine coverage is low and there is poor sanitation. There are currently outbreaks of VDP in 12 countries, all in Africa. Anyone travelling to countries with outbreaks of VDP should ensure that they are fully immunised against polio.

Read the full article for more information.

Infectious disease and business continuity for your organisation

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