World Health Report Predictions 2019

In this month’s World Health Report, Dr Simon Worrell, Head of Medical Communications at Healix International, discusses his predictions for epidemics across different countries of the world in 2019.

What’s inside?

  • EBOLA – can control of the spread of this infection in the DRC be possible in 2019?
  • ZIKA – what is the probability of new outbreaks of Zika, and what are the delayed consequences of past infections in babies?
  • MALARIA – the death rate from this mosquito-borne disease has decreased by 30% over the last decade, but why do epidemics regularly occur?
  • MERS – while we have seen limited outbreaks of MERS in the past, what is the probability of a larger outbreak?
  • BIRD FLU – could a novel bird flu be a candidate for the next pandemic?
  • MEASLES & MUMPS – following a continued poor uptake of the MMR vaccine, what are the likely consequences?
  • CHOLERA – for many countries outbreaks of cholera are inevitable. Is this likely to change?

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