Ramadan 2018: All you need to know about travelling during the Islamic holy month

The Healix Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) has put together a report on the risks associated with travelling during Ramadan. There is often an uptick in militant attacks across the globe during this period, and maintaining awareness of flashpoint locations and the key security risks is imperative to keeping staff safe. There are also key cultural and logistical considerations that may affect businesses for the duration of the period.

Split in to sub-regions of Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East and North Africa, we have put together a comprehensive report that provides an outline of the key security risks in each region. The regions covered are home to the majority of the world’s Muslim population, as well as many emerging and established markets. The report provides general advice for travelling during Ramadan, as well as area-specific advice.

For further in-depth, country specific pre-trip travel assessment and advice please contact enquiries@healix.com.

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