Risk mitigation tools for 2021

3 Risk Mitigation Tools As Part Of Business Travel Planning

Changes in operational and security risks are inevitable. And as time progresses, the probability and impact of current risks change and new risks emerge.

As 2020 has shown, 2021 is likely to be as busy a year for challenging global events – some predictable and some unprecedented. Overlay this expectation with a new and as yet undefined normal and a global drive for economic growth, the need for organisational resilience plans and robust travel risk management is clear.

While some organisations have existing resources in-house, many look to specialist risk management companies like Healix for additional support.

We have developed three essential travel risk mitigation tools designed to enable business travel into 2021 and beyond. Whether it is risk associated with COVID-19, other health risks, natural hazards or a country’s political landscape, we can provide organisations with the purpose-built means to mitigate and manage risks to their most valued assets. And at the same time help demonstrate fulfilment of their duty of care.

Three essential risk mitigation tools

1. COVID travel risk assessments

For many organisations that operate on an international footprint there is an imperative to get employees moving again, and for expat workers to be located abroad. However, the pandemic has created new challenges including ever-changing logistical and operational restrictions, while certain travellers could now face a high risk to their health.

Healix has developed a number of COVID related risk mitigation tools. But most popular among our international clients is COVID Travel Safe. Designed to enable travel during a pandemic, COVID Travel Safe is an innovative online travel risk assessment tool which evaluates if travel is permitted by governing bodies, then performs a risk analysis based on factors including:

  • Destination
  • The health of the employee
  • The length of the trip
  • The likelihood of community spread
  • Availability of local medical supplies, infrastructure and testing.
  • Other “sub-risk factors” unique to our methodology.

Travellers receive an instant “risk score” based on the information they provide about their profile and itinerary. The score indicates whether the trip is safe for them to carry out or not. Travellers and security managers can download a comprehensive written assessment report detailing the risks they may face, and what precautions are necessary or advised. The tool is regularly updated and is representative of the pandemic’s evolution, with information that is consolidated in a way that keeps things simple.

2. Traveller tracking

The Healix Sentinel Tracker is one of our most essential risk mitigation tools which not only enables Risk Managers to seamlessly monitor and account for their globally mobile workforce, but also to take appropriate action in the event of an incident.

While COVID-19 brings a new dynamic, all the other risks associated with working abroad, such as earthquakes, terrorist activities or staff experiencing other health related emergencies, remain.

Our app based tracking tool provides greater accuracy in terms of location data. Travellers can share their live location with Risk Managers. Alternatively, a ‘Check-in’ feature allows travellers to manually notify Risk Managers that they have reached a pre-agreed destination.

The Tracker is fully integrated with:

  • A desktop tracking platform
  • Healix medical and security content
  • GDS for automated import of itinerary data
  • Integration with travel agencies.

Travellers and Risk Managers can receive targeted  notifications of breaking developments or potential threats for their location – as they happen. When a critical incident occurs, Risk Managers can rapidly identify all employees in the affected area. Then using integrated two-way communication capabilities, they can efficiently contact travellers to establish their safety.

For employers lacking the in-house resource to provide around the clock monitoring, we can also provide 24/7 support with our Healix Sentinel Critical Watch service.

Our Global Security Operations Centres will immediately identify any employee exposure within an incident impact radius and proactively reach out to ascertain their safety on your behalf. Adding Critical Watch to the Healix Sentinel Tracker package provides you with a fully managed monitoring and assistance solution, which allows you to extend your security team’s capabilities without further staffing.

3. Travel safety mobile app

Available on Android and IOS, the Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle app is an invaluable travel safety companion for your global workforce.

Developed in conjunction with leading health and security experts, the tool provides instant access to critical insight and support before and during overseas assignments. In addition, it seamlessly integrates with the Healix Sentinel Tracker platform.

Your travellers can:

  • Receive breaking news alerts using location aware push notifications
  • Manage a country watchlist to receive alerts for specific destinations
  • Access travel safety and security information for over 200 countries worldwide
  • Share live location via easy tracking activation
  • Manually confirm location via “Check-in” function
  • Activate an emergency “Mayday” function in a crisis
  • Access advice and travel safety eLearning module
  • Store key documents such as passport, insurance and travel visas.

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