US Universities to access Healix’s Active Monitoring through SAP Concur® / Terra Dotta partnership

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Last week, Healix International’s partner SAP Concur® announced its partnership with Terra Dotta, the leader in higher education travel, study abroad, and international program management solutions. This partnership will provide university and college administrators with even greater capabilities to monitor and provide support to faculty, staff and students for duty-of-care compliance.

This announcement will be of particular interest to higher education institutions looking for a way to establish or significantly enhance their duty of care programs with SAP Concur® Active Monitoring, powered by Healix International (known as HX Global in the United States). This offering provides educational institutions with the tools to pro-actively monitor and reach out to their people during a crisis. These include the richest sources of location data available today, such as employee and student profiles, travel itineraries, travel requests, expense transactions, user verified check-ins and data from 3rd party solutions to identify the whereabouts of personnel, all while being monitored by Healix International, an industry leading Medical & Security Assistance company. The SAP Concur® Terra Dotta partnership will enhance these data capabilities and the ability to locate and identify students travelling abroad.

This new ability is particularly important because in the event of a serious threat, Healix International provides Active Monitoring to identify which students, faculty or staff may be affected and can quickly initiate a two-way communication using multiple channels to identify those impacted within a matter of minutes.  If anyone requires assistance, the Healix team will gather the necessary details, provide immediate recommendations to the impacted personnel, and contact the educational institution’s designate. If required, Healix can also provide on the ground assistance or evacuation on behalf of the university or college if desired**.

**Additional fees may apply unless the institution is an existing assistance client.

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