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Workers for NGOs put themselves at risk every day, whether it’s delivering aid in the aftermath of a natural disaster, peacebuilding in post-conflict countries or supporting refugees fleeing civil wars. They also operate in some of the most complex and challenging security environments globally, and are routinely exposed to extreme violence.

Supporting the humanitarian community

Healix International is committed to supporting the humanitarian community to do what it does best; save and improve lives. To that end, we are delighted to offer discounted security risk management subscription packages, tailored to the specific needs of not-for-profits. Moreover, all NGOs are entitled to at least an 8% discount on our security consultancy services, regardless of subscription.

We understand that NGOs operate in a unique context, and are governed not just by their own leadership but by the inputs of their stakeholders – whether they be donors, beneficiaries or partners in government. Acceptance, donor confidence and reputational integrity are critical assets in the humanitarian sector, and at Healix we are committed to helping organisations protect these even in the most extreme environments.

A proactive approach to mitigating risk to NGO security

Healix International’s Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) offers best-in-class emergency response, risk intelligence and consultancy services. Staffed 24/7 by our teams in London and Singapore, we enable our clients to manage the risks posed to them and carry out their work wherever they are in the world, be that in Venezuela or South Sudan. We are a multi-discipline team that brings together our experience in military, law enforcement, academia, government and the NGO sector to offer an informed and holistic approach to security risk management and intelligence analysis.

A choice of security packages to suit your needs

With our NGO subscription options we are offering three separate, scalable security packages. These are designed to ensure the best possible return on your organisation’s investment in security, while ensuring that you have access to the tools you need to protect your people, assets and operations.

We appreciate that not every organisation has a global footprint, and some NGOs are operating in a singular complex environment. Healix FOCUS allows organisations to supplement their intelligence capabilities on a country-by-country basis with:

  • Access to an expert regional analyst, who will service requests for bespoke assessments and situation reports on the latest developments in-country
  • Access to our Global Intelligence Portal, detailing security and medical risks around the world with detailed country information and travel tips
  • Country-specific security, operational and political risk reports
  • ‘Rolling SITREPS’ for critical incidents
  • Threat reports on actors operating in-country
  • Pro-active horizon scanning and issue identification on a best effort basis
  • 8% NGO discount on all GSOC consultancy services.

An exclusive offer for NGOs that already have Healix as the embedded security provider within their insurance policy. By upgrading to Healix SENTINEL your organisation gets the benefits of a direct subscription at a fraction of the price. This package provides 24/7 on demand access to the Healix GSOC for advice, analysis and assistance to all travellers anywhere in the world with:

  • Access to our intelligence experts on demand, and entitlement to up to 100 bespoke travel security assessments per year, including journey management plans, hotel reviews and recommendations, travel security briefs and specific requests for analysis
  • Access to all security, operational and political risk and threat reports
  • Weekly Forecasts highlighting upcoming events or concerns in each region
  • Global Evacuation Watch reports – issued each time our evacuation level changes
  • Access to our Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle app, with analysts pushing out travel and security alerts 24/7
  • Mayday alert function in the Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle app can be directed to our 24/7 GSOC to respond to, tracking the GPS of employees in distress and making immediate contact
  • Security Manager access to our Healix Sentinel Intelligence Portal
  • 10% NGO discount on all GSOC consultancy services.

Our most comprehensive package is designed for those organisations that do not have any in-house risk management function and have a duty of care for their local staff. 

  • Entire intelligence and operations subscription as detailed in Healix SENTINEL
  • Advice and assistance to local staff where authorised to do so
  • Customised 24/7 phone line connecting your employees to our security experts, for anything from advice to assistance
  • Onboarding consultation to develop customised escalation processes and integration with local plans and providers
  • Affordable Daily Check-ins for workers in remote and / or hostile environments
  • Complimentary Evacuation Plan or Country Risk Assessment upon initiation of subscription
  • Dedicated Operational Account Manager
  • 12% NGO discount on all GSOC consultancy services.

Find out more

Contact us at enquiries@healix.com or on +44 (0) 20 8481 7720 for a free and confidential consultation on your NGO’s security requirements.

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