Healix is finalist for ‘Best Provider of Healthcare Trusts’ Award

The list of finalists for this year’s Health Insurance Provider Awards has been announced and Healix is delighted to be amongst them for the 8th year running.

Nominated by health insurance intermediaries as a finalist for the ‘Best Provider of Healthcare Trusts’ for the 8th consecutive year, Healix is proud to be recognised by the industry for the high standards we set in providing an attractive alternative to traditional Private Medical Insurance schemes.

A corporate healthcare trust is a form of self-insurance for group schemes where instead of paying premiums to an insurance company, the money is placed in a trust fund to pay claims.  Sounds complicated but it isn’t!  With Healix it is no more difficult than taking out a traditional PMI scheme and ‘stop loss’ insurance means there is no risk. We also handle all the paperwork and administration.

A Healix healthcare trust is truly bespoke and can accommodate most health and wellbeing benefits, as well as coordinating with providers of other benefits such as Employee Assistance Programmes, Group Income Protection and Health Screening.

Our nurse-led approach to claims management also means that employees enjoy a far superior level of service than normally experienced with traditional schemes using claims administrators.

The advantages of a Healix Healthcare Trust include:

  • Greater flexibility in scheme design
  • Future proofing of healthcare spend
  • Superior claims service from nurse case managers
  • The ability to integrate health and wellbeing benefits across providers
  • Bespoke administrationHI-awards-shortlist
  • Lower cost to employer
  • Employer retains funds in low claim years
  • Costs capped in high claim years
  • Tax efficiencies.

We are all keeping our fingers and toes firmly crossed for the 19th October when the winners will be announced.

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