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Quick response from our Virtual GP


When a member was experiencing acute stomach pain, Healix’s integrated benefits allowed the individual to proactively manage her own health and wellbeing, ensuring timely interventions in moments of medical emergency.


The member initially sought medical assistance but faced a long wait in the queue.

However, recalling that she had access to a Virtual GP service through her employer's benefits package, she swiftly turned to Healix for assistance.

Looking for reassurance and prompt medical attention, the member accessed the MyHealix app on her phone and navigated to the Virtual GP feature. Despite being a first-time user, the registration process was straightforward, requiring only basic personal information and identification details.


Upon completing the registration and filling out a brief questionnaire, the member received a call from a doctor within ten minutes.

Our Virtual GP conducted a thorough assessment, expressing concern over the severity of the member's symptoms and promptly advising her to seek immediate in-person medical evaluation.

Following the doctor's advice, the member attempted to visit an urgent care centre but found it overcrowded. Consequently, she proceeded to the emergency department (A&E) for urgent medical attention. Armed with the consultation notes from her YourHealth247 session, she presented her case to the medical staff, who acknowledged the value of the information provided.

Subsequently, the member was promptly admitted to the hospital and placed under the care of surgical specialists.


She received timely pain management and antibiotic treatment, culminating in surgical intervention within a mere 24 hours.

The surgery, which involved the removal of her appendix, was deemed necessary to alleviate her symptoms and prevent further complications.

This case study showcases how Healix's integrated services, particularly YourHealth247, swiftly addressed the member's urgent medical needs.

Quick response from Virtual GP

The quick response from the virtual GP helped me get quicker treatment. I've already told lots of people how good Healix is. I found the Virtual GP a super-efficient and a simple service. I'm very grateful to my employer and Healix. Overall, it’s fantastic.
Rosie, Healthcare Trust member

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