Multi-Employer Trust

Empowering small and medium businesses with comprehensive healthcare benefits to support a fixed budget.

What is a Multi-Employer Trust (MET)?

Healix Fix Multi-Employer Trust is our alternative solution that allows small to medium sized businesses access to the full benefits of a Healthcare Trust traditionally only available to large corporate entities.

Instead of paying premiums to an insurance company, your money is placed in a collective Healthcare Trust fund which is used to pay your employee’s private medical claims.

This allows similar sized businesses to collaborate; bringing your collective spend up and individual prices down.

If the claims fund is not completely used in any given year, then the balance remaining can be used to smooth the impact of your claims in future years.

Key Benefits

Benefits of a Healix Fix Multi-Employer Trust

By teaming up with other businesses in the Trust, you’ll maximise your collective buying power and enjoy clear benefits.

Additional Services

Which healthcare services are available through Healix Fix?

24-hour GP

Receive the care you need, when you need it the most, wherever you are in the world. With our 24/7 GP, Trust members can attend online appointments or access private prescriptions, all from their smartphone.

Mental health provisions

Approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health difficulty this year. Healix provides the support you need to promote a healthier work environment for employees.

Cancer care

We work with oncology specialists to ensure, where possible, the latest treatment and drug developments are available to all members of our MET.

Healix wellbeing resource

Healix’s Positive Occupational Wellbeing Resource (POWR) and Champion Health, a workplace wellness platform, helps your team to pinpoint the areas in their life which aren’t going as well as they should.


Answers to common questions

New to Multi-Employer Trusts? We’re on hand to answer your questions, big and small. Have something specific to ask? Contact Healix today.

Key Insights

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