Top tips to attract and retain more Gen Z employees


Studies show that by 2030 30% of the total workforce will be made up of Generation Z, as this generation is set to grow rapidly and shows unique focuses gaining a deeper understanding as to their character traits, motivations, and value regarding work - will pave the way towards building a happier and healthier workforce.

As a generation, Gen Z are characterised as having a strong uncompromising sense of what they want out of their first job and workplace culture, in fact, they are more likely to seek out a new position should their expectation levels not be adequately met by their employers [1]. Data gathered from LinkedIn shows that Gen Z employees in the United States are transitioning jobs nearly 40% more than previous years, at a rate that is double that of millennial employees [2].

Here are our top tips to attracting and retaining Gen Z employees

Demonstrate your dedication to workplace diversity and inclusion

Creating a business environment that celebrates diversity and respects individuality is a big draw card for the new generation of employees.

With a large focus being placed onto neurodiversity recently, creating an inclusive and supportive workplace environment for attracting neurodiverse Gen Z employees is important in demonstrating an organisation's true commitment to diversity and inclusion. Find out how organisations can create a supportive environment for neurodiverse employees here, and gain a deeper understanding on what the neurodiverse spectrum means here.

Collaboration and Communication are key

This generation grew up in the age of social media and like to be constantly connected to the people they work with, social interaction is highly valued and organisations will need to understand this when looking to hire Gen Z employees.

It’s important to keep in mind that this communication and connection does not need to take place face-to-face with many employees being happy to connect with their colleagues over video and phone conferences with instant messaging apps keeping daily communications instant.

To calm any anxieties around longevity within a role or the company at large, organisation leaders must ensure open and consistent communications with employees. Developing and implementing a strategy to ensure this includes updates on business developments to provide a sense of role security and longevity within the business.

Structured work-life balance

As found in Deloitte’s 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey, 77% of Gen Z employees who are currently in remote or hybrid roles would consider looking for a new role if their employer required them to work on site full-time. With about 16% of these employees stating that they would immediately start looking for new work should this change be asked of them [3].

These findings show how highly valued flexibility within a role is when creating a healthy work-life balance citing this structure allows for a positive impact on overall mental health [4] and a key consideration to attract and retain Gen Z employees.

Don’t be afraid of new technology

Gen Z grew up not knowing what the time before social media, instant access to the internet and smartphones was like. A global survey shows that 98% of Gen Z's own a smartphone and half of those surveyed spend on average 10 hours a day using it [5].

Based on this early adoption of technology, companies can greatly improve their chances of attracting and retaining new employees by providing them with access to the latest solutions. Providing access to productivity and project management apps, collaboration tools, and video conferencing services are all crucial to ensuring employees are productive and perform well.

Empathise with mental health needs

Eight in ten Gen Zs identified mental health support and policies as a top factor when considering a potential employer, according to those surveyed in Deloitte’s 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey [6]. An organisation that shows a demonstrated commitment to supporting mental health in the workplace through offering access to a wellness platform, prioritising appropriate training for those in leadership positions, and de-stigmatise open communication around mental health are far more attractive to a potential Gen Z employee than one that doesn’t.

Offer the right benefits

70% of Gen Z employees see private medical insurance as a ‘must-have’ benefit [7], much like the eight in ten Gen Zs we mentioned above who see mental health support and policies as a top factor when considering a potential employer, private medical insurance is a draw for this generation due to the extended waiting periods the NHS is currently experiencing.

With this generation just entering the workforce, they are focused on creating a sustainable career focused on growth and see benefits as part of that growth. Offering a customised private medical insurance package that fits the needs of your employees is not just a benefit to them but a commitment to the productivity of the larger organisation. While wellness platforms, like Champion Health will assist with the preventative side of supporting employees wellness through tailored programmes created to support the individual needs of the user, proactive intervention is needed to ensure continued medical support. This is where a Healix Healthcare Trust can assist through proactively guiding employees to seek the assistance they need to continue to be healthy and happy in the workplace.

Working with organisations to assess their healthcare needs, a Healix Healthcare Trust offers a nurse-led care model which provides holistic support to all members whilst ensuring cost effective treatment and an investment savings pocket to cover future claims.

Wellness platforms have revolutionised the management of mental and physical wellbeing, Champion Health is the preferred platform for Healix members as it covers all areas of wellbeing and supports employees through a customised wellbeing action plan to ensure employees make marked improvements in the areas they need inside and outside of work. To find out more about what makes a Healix Healthcare Trust perfect for the needs of all employees and organisations, click here.

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