Mental Health Services

Robust international mental health support for business travellers on assignment, boosting employees' overall health, productivity, and resilience.

In recent years, global events and changes in generational attitudes have made it abundantly clear: prioritising mental health in the workplace is now more crucial than ever.

Today, organisations increasingly recognise the immense value in providing robust mental health support, firmly rooted in the understanding that mental wellbeing significantly impacts employees' overall health, productivity, and resilience. This rings especially true for those who undertake business travel.

At Healix, we've been assisting business travellers with international medical care for over three decades. Our unwavering commitment lies in helping you create a sustainable travel programme that genuinely cares for your employees' needs while reducing the risk of expensive failed assignment. This commitment is why, as part of our comprehensive assistance package, we've partnered with TELUS Health to offer mental health support to your mobile workforce.

  • Your employees have access to 24/7 confidential telephone support for their mental health needs.

  • Our support encompasses counselling and online programmes designed to address common work, health, and life difficulties.

  • Your people can get connected to the right specialists and therapists when it’s needed, ensuring top-quality care regardless of their location.

  • Our services are easily accessed through a mobile app and web-based platform, which includes secure web chat and a wealth of digital wellbeing resources.

How it works


Employees can reach out or access the 24/7 Member Assistance Programme from anywhere in the world via telephone, app or web.


Calls are triaged by mental health practitioners, who support over 50 languages. Non-emergency cases receive up to five counselling sessions, ensuring tailored support.


Treatment pathways are expertly managed and overseen by Healix and TELUS Health. We offer the flexibility to connect with other mental health specialists and therapies as needed.

Bringing meaningful benefits to your team and business

By investing in our mental health support services, you're not just putting employee wellbeing first; you’re improving your organisation's productivity, employee retention, and overall prosperity.

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