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Special Advisory: LGBTQ+ Travel Security in 2024

Countries and territories worldwide present a diverse spectrum of approaches to LGBTQ+ activity and related legislation.

From regions boasting progressive laws safeguarding equal rights to those where severe penalties, including the death penalty, are enforced for same-sex relations, the global landscape remains both complex and dynamic. 

This diversity not only underscores the ongoing challenges faced by LGBTQ+ personnel but also significantly influences corporate decisions concerning global talent deployment and corporate policies.

Our latest special advisory offers:

  • Comprehensive insights into up-to-date security and legislative risks for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Regional analysis of developments in LGBTQ+ rights, providing valuable context and assessment of trends.
  • A systematic, step-by-step process for pre-deployment risk management, ensuring thorough preparation and mitigation measures.
  • Practical tips empowering travellers to proactively reduce their personal risk profiles while journeying through diverse landscapes.

Gain a deeper understanding of the nuances that are key to more effective risk management strategies. Download our free report today by filing out the form below.

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