Intelligence and Investigations

Combining human insight with powerful technology to deliver insights for ambitious organisations looking to manage risk and seize new opportunities.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations

In today’s world, OSINT plays a vital role in intelligence gathering in both the private and public sector. At Healix, we leverage our advanced OSINT expertise to conduct ‘defensive’ and ‘offensive’ investigations.

Defensive investigations

Defensive investigations identify any sensitive information exposed in public domains or accessible online. This could include financial data, intellectual property or other sensitive information that could be exploited by threat actors. We assess the extent of exposure found through OSINT analysis and provide tailored recommendations to reduce your vulnerability.

Offensive investigations

Offensive investigations can be a valuable tool for organisations looking to enhance their security posture and protect against potential threats. Our offensive investigations analyse the intent and capability of potential threat actors, helping you to put procedures in place to mitigate security, financial or reputational risks.

Bespoke intelligence reports

These reports offer analysis and accurate forecasting tailored to your specific requirements and are designed to provide clear, actionable intelligence and recommendations for your decision making process.

Authored by analysts with specific regional or subject-matter knowledge, we work with you to determine your intelligence priorities and develop a customised report structure and methodology. Completed reports can be shared directly to an agreed schedule and you’ll have direct communication with our intelligence analysts for any questions or feedback.

Investigations and due diligence

Our investigations and due diligence services are crucial for assessing potential internal and external threats to businesses. We use sophisticated software, public record searches and OSINT techniques to establish an overview of an entity or individual’s public profile, built on potential sources of reputational, legal or commercial risks.

Evidence-based intelligence acts as the basis for all recommendations. Our reports provide an executive summary describing the nature of the research, any major red flags, or other positive or negative issues relating to the individual or entity.

Embedded intelligence

We offer cost-effective embedded intelligence analysts who seamlessly integrate with your team. Whether full-time, rotational, short-term, or partial, our dedicated professionals work closely with your team and our broader Healix network.

By embedding analytical resources, you save time and resources on recruitment and training. We ensure these analysts are trained to the highest standards and supported by our 24/7 technology platforms and expert team.

Deep and dark web threat assessments

The online realm presents significant risks to organisations. Our analysts gather information from various sources, including the deep and dark web, to provide threat intelligence tailored to your needs.

Our assessments cover likely targets, potential attack patterns, and guidance on responding to online risks. Protect your assets with our comprehensive online threat assessments.

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