Travel Risk Assessment

Doing business travel safely couldn’t be easier with automated travel risk assessments via our easy-access online portal, Healix Travel Safe.

A business travel risk assessment needs to take a lot into account. 

And with the introduction of the new ISO 31030 standard, properly assessing those risks is more important than ever. You want to know that a trip is safe for your employees, but assessing that risk can be time consuming.

There’s now a way to accelerate the process. Healix Travel Safe is a convenient online tool that provides secure, reliable and instant personalised evaluations of employee health and itinerary-specific security, medical and logistical risks.

Battle-tested algorithm

Healix Travel Safe is the first and only tool to offer an instant understanding of the security risks of a specific destination, the logistical and medical risks of a region, and the personal health risks to the individual traveller.

Because Healix Travel Safe is powered by an algorithm that’s been tried and tested, we’ve been able to streamline our risk assessment methodology to give you exactly what you need – instantly.

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    Real users
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    Assessments created
  • 99%
    Trips assessed safe

Travel risk assessments in an instant

As soon as a traveller completes the assessment Q&A, we’ll provide them - and you - with a simple-to-understand overall “Traffic Light” risk assessment score:


There’s a significant health, security or logistical issue identified that may require more extensive mitigation.


There are some risks involved with the proposed travel, but they can be safely mitigated with simple measures.


Travel can be considered safe, and the trip can be approved with minimal risk to the traveller or business.

All risks covered

Users can then download a comprehensive report that tells employees if they aren’t fit to travel (while keeping any personal health risk details private and confidential), how to minimise exposure to local security risks we’ve identified, and how to mitigate any problems posed by local logistical conditions.

Healix Travel Safe seamlessly integrates with your own processes and policies, keeping all sensitive information confidential while giving risk managers a full overview of every planned trip and its risk status through a convenient dashboard. It can also be integrated with Healix Approve to automatically approve low-risk trips to cut down admin time and costs.

Backed by expertise

Expert support is available to review any supplied information and provide customised advice on the risks identified, helping you make a more informed decision and reduce your liability and exposure, while reassuring your people.

We work with your risk managers to explain how to use the system to track requests and manage support services, all while integrating your travel policy rules, security settings and request forms for a seamless experience.

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