The Healix Risk and Security Advisory Board

Empowering resilience through expertise: Meet the Healix Risk and Security Advisory Board, our accelerator in risk management and crisis response.

The Healix Risk and Security Advisory Board brings together industry-leading experts known for their hands-on experience across various disciplines.

Together, they help us and our clients respond quickly and effectively to complex crises.

With diverse backgrounds comes diverse perspectives. Our Board members bring a fresh outlook on risk dynamics across a number of sectors and environments. Beyond offering strategic guidance, the primary aim of our Board is to support our organisation in delivering the best possible service to our clients. This includes providing leadership, supporting operations, leveraging their networks, and mentoring the next generation of security and risk professionals within our organisation.

Meet our Board

Bringing together a diverse array of skills and experience

Drawing on experience in hostage negotiation, international diplomacy, policy and research from the likes of NATO, the UK FCDO and the US Government, Board members will bring a new dimension to crisis management and decision making in complex and volatile environments.


Delivering key benefits to you and your organisation

The Board can also help you and us to review, design, and execute high-level strategies crucial for effective crisis management, ensuring proactive and strategic approaches to mitigate risks and navigate challenges.

Hear what they have to say

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