Rapid security assistance during a crisis

Our Global Security Operations Centres provide 24/7/365 support to clients operating in areas of political and social instability. Our teams are available around the clock to offer active global monitoring of volatile areas, professional advice, contingency planning and expert emergency action. All supported by an integrated, worldwide network of security, medical and transportation resources.

In the event that evacuation is considered appropriate, assistance is provided to safely transport affected employees and their dependants from their accommodation, worksite or point of incident to a safe port of departure for travel to an international safe haven.

At the first signs of a deteriorating security environment, we encourage clients to consider a phased ‘drawdown’ of operations, assisting in updating Business Continuity Plans in order to not only identify non-essential personnel and dependants who can be evacuated using scheduled flights, but also to plan the transfer of crucial business processes out of the affected area to limit overall business disruption. By taking these steps, the risk to employees can be reduced as well as the short and long term cost to the business.


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