Security Audits and Assessments

Elevate your security measures and operate confidently with audits and assessments from our Global Security Operations Centre.

Identify the risks before they become a challenge.

Gain valuable insights to protect your people, secure your assets, and reinforce the safety of your locations through our audits and assessments. 

Our expert team will carefully examine your security measures, providing you with a clear understanding of any vulnerabilities and practical recommendations to strengthen your defences. With our guidance, you can stay one step ahead by identifying and addressing risks before they become problematic.

Site Security Audit

Site security audits can be carried out on any physical asset at any location around the world. They are designed to identify and assess the vulnerabilities of any existing risk mitigation measures in place, and help you take the right steps to make your location more secure.

Our Methodology


We will conduct a thorough survey of your premises’ security measures in line with the threat context and unique characteristics of your business.


We’ll then assess potential risks and threats related to the location, against what control measures exist to deter, detect, delay, deny, respond and recover.


You’ll receive a detailed report outlining the risks identified and where potential vulnerabilities exist, with recommendations for mitigating those risks to acceptable levels.

Security Risk Assessments

If you’re considering a project or partnership in an unfamiliar risk environment, our team of experts has the granular knowledge of local environments to help you. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we provide bespoke security risk assessments tailored to your risk tolerance and operations, with recommendations that are realistic in the context of your operating environment.

Reports include:

Our assessments consider security, political, operational, legal, financial and reputational risks, assessing the severity of a risk based on likelihood and potential impact. We then make recommendations to help reduce risk exposure to levels that are acceptable to you, listed in order of priority.

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