Our story, our purpose

No organisation wants to take unnecessary risks with the health of their people and no one wants to feel like just a number. We created Healix to deliver a different experience.

Our Story

Healix provides healthcare and risk management solutions around the world, offering bespoke services to clients who want control over their health, travel and risk provision.

Healix first began in 1992 when our founders, Dr Paul Beven and Dr Peter Mason, set up a medical assistance provider built on clinical expertise.

Today, Healix has expanded to bring risk management and healthcare services under one roof, giving our clients total peace of mind that we have the ability to fulfil their duty of care. We do it by providing a diverse suite of healthcare and risk management services, including security risk management, travel risk solutions, emergency assistance and medical support.

We maintain the highest ratio of clinically trained medical personnel in the managed health services industry. And our highly qualified team of global security specialists provides a proactive, customised approach to mitigating risk, ensuring the security of your people and resources.

Still independently owned, we’ve supported an impressive range of clients across corporate, insurance, government and not-for-profit sectors over the past three decades. Our focus is on creating flexible services that adapt to each client’s needs.

Our Difference

What we stand for

We put health and wellbeing above everything else and deliver our services in a way that prioritises people and their needs.

Our Clients

Trusted by clients across all major sectors

We serve more than 350 businesses across multiple industries, including government, financial services, insurance, education, logistics, media, retail and more.

Who does Healix medically support?

Our People

Some of the people who make it happen

Our people are the reason for our success. We work with a team of highly trained specialists who care about what they do.

Join our team

At Healix, we train you how to think, not what to do. Join a team of highly trained specialists who care about what they do and have the tools to make a difference to people who need support.

Find your opportunity to make a difference.

Find your new career

Our Partners

A global network of partners

We believe in delivering exceptional services that go beyond the ordinary. To achieve this, we’ve developed strategic partnerships with industry-leading organisations that share our vision of innovation and excellence. These collaborations are carefully cultivated to enhance the services we offer and provide value to our clients.

Our Sectors

Leading organisations trust us for their most complex assignments


We bring peace of mind by providing medical care to people working overseas for the British, Canadian and New Zealand governments.

Medical & travel insurers

Leading international healthcare insurers want to safeguard their people, too. We step in to help them do exactly that.

Financial & Professional

As the world becomes more mobile, more professionals are travelling. We help them manage the risks.

Energy & Mining

Demanding work schedules and remote locations mean that wellbeing is a priority. We support four of the five largest oil and gas companies in the world.


Technology crosses borders, so employees often have to do the same. We safeguard them in complex and demanding environments.

Retail & FMCG

Major retailers and household brands search the global for innovative solutions. We help them ensure the search is safe and secure.


A sector that relies on innovation, manufacturers often send their employees around the world. We make sure those risks are managed .


Negotiating with governments, distributors and agents overseas is key to success. Wherever pharmaceutical professionals need to go, we’re here to navigate the risks.


When people are putting themselves on the line for others, we’re there to support them.


Aircrews around the world shoulder great travel and medical risk, but we help to make those risks more manageable.


As researchers, professors and students travel overseas to develop their thinking, we provide the medical and risk services they need.

Hospitality & Sport

Our clients attend some of the most exciting and high-profile events around the world. We give them assurance when they’re away from home.

Media & Entertainment

Journalists and support crews are often on overseas assignments. We help them stay safe and well, and make sure they know what to do if something goes wrong.


Whether at home or away, engineering workers are often in challenging situations. We help leading groups safeguard the wellbeing of their employees.

Key Insights

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