Global reach, local expertise

Our network of medical, security and logistics providers around the globe is always ready to support your people, whatever challenge they’re facing.

Provider Network

Leveraging a network of partnerships

As a Healix client, you have access to our extensive, independent provider network, built up over 30 years of service excellence. Together they support our travel, medical and security services and our UK healthcare and medical claims administration services.

Our dedicated Provider Network teams work tirelessly to maintain and expand the relationships we have. All networked providers undergo rigorous vetting and screening, and Healix carry out on-going credentialing to assess whether provider capability, quality and payment terms meet the standard set by us and expectations set by our clients.


Provider Network

We integrate our international operations with a vast network of 65,000+ healthcare, security, and logistics providers to offer high-quality care globally. Additionally, we've sourced our own network of 400+ accredited air ambulance providers for efficient, cost-effective patient transportation.

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Provider Network

We partner with thousands of medical providers and 25,000+ specialists to offer our clients diverse healthcare choices in the UK. Thanks to our buying power, we negotiate discounted rates on treatments, passing the savings to our clients. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart in the UK health market.

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Core Partner

A proud partner of the International Assistance Group

Healix is a core partner of the International Assistance Group (IAG), the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies and accredited providers. IAG’s partners and accredited service providers support millions of end users. IAG partners with established companies, hand-picked against stringent quality criteria, including an average of 15 years’ localised experience.

Provider Network Enquiries

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Update bank details

To facilitate the processing of invoices for UK providers, we need up-to-date banking details. Simply download the form, complete it with your updated information and return to

Additional forms

Update bank details (global providers)

To process the invoices for Global providers, we need up-to-date banking details. Simply download the form, complete it with your updated information and return to

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