Risk Management Tools

Holistic digital support for every step of the risk management process, enabling the free flow of intelligence between us, our clients and your travellers.

Healix Sentinel Risk Management Platform

Your central hub for monitoring, intelligence, itinerary and GPS tracking and mass communications, bringing you centralised visibility of your changing risk landscape. You can configure Healix Sentinel to align with your procedures, policies and travel operations, so it mirrors the way you already do things but with more information and fewer resources. Customise your platform with:

Healix Approve

Streamline the way you meet your corporate travel policy with our trip approval tool. This customisable platform automates the approval process, speeding up the time for trips to get accepted without skipping any important steps in your review process.

Healix approve

Healix Travel Safe

Cut down on the time it takes to complete risk assessments. This travel risk assessment tool instantly calculates a personalised traffic light risk score for each trip. It also creates a downloadable assessment report on the medical, security and logistical risks each traveller may face, and gives advice on steps you and they can take.

Healix travel safe

Healix Travel Oracle app

People are often apprehensive when travelling overseas, especially in dangerous places. Healix Travel Oracle gives your people everything they need to know about the country and cities, so they can plan ahead, respond and stay safe. Developed by top health and security experts, our business travel app gives your people instant access to medical and risk information before and during their overseas assignments.

Available on Android and IOS, the Healix Travel Oracle app is an invaluable travel safety companion for your global workforce.

I would thoroughly recommend using Healix and Sentinel

As a long-term partner of Healix we were delighted to understand more about the Sentinel platform which provides 24/7 security reporting, analysis, and country briefings. To know there is a safety platform behind our detachments provides peace of mind. Healix has exceeded our expectations, by providing a reliable, swift and efficient service
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