Physical Security

Onsite support, backed by leading intelligence, to identify and mitigate risks on the ground.

Physical security services play a vital role in safeguarding both people and assets on the ground.

When you fail to adequately protect your operations, the human cost can be devastating and have far-reaching consequences for your business.

Physical security encompasses a wide range of activities, from the simple act of greeting individuals at the airport to the intricate planning required to ensure the safety of large-scale events or new projects. It involves a comprehensive approach to addressing potential vulnerabilities and implementing strategies to minimise risks effectively.

Close Protection & Ground Support

Scalable solutions, designed with your risk appetite and budget in mind.

Taking an intelligence-led approach, we ensure risks are fully assessed before we recommend a bespoke security plan, prioritising the safety of your organisation, staff and their dependants.

Our range of protective functions is drawn from an extensive and diverse network of security consultants, close protection operatives, drivers, local fixers and accredited in-country providers.

With robust operational protocols and ongoing oversight by our Global Security Operation Centres, you’ll receive a professional service with access to 24/7 support and incident response capability that:

  • Delivers continuous success based on transparency and trust.

  • Leverages a coordinated and intelligence-led approach.

  • Scales using an extensive, reliable network of on-the-ground resources.

  • Considers true capability in areas that are operationally volatile.

Recon and Surveillance

Gathering information through reconnaissance and surveillance plays a crucial role in identifying and mitigating risks. This collected data is then analysed by intelligence experts to assist in decision-making and protect assets from potential threats.

Our team is equipped to provide these services for you, either remotely using advanced technology, or in-person at the location. We can closely observe routes, facilities, activities, and assets within the specific threat and risk environment. Based on our findings, we offer your teams thorough planning and recommendations to effectively mitigate risks.

Event & Project Security

We ensure the safety of your staff, attendees and assets for projects and events of all sizes.

We work with you to understand the parameters of the project or event, conducting baseline threat and risk assessments before developing a security management plan.

During the event, our 24/7 Global Security Operations Centre will remain on-hand to provide support and guidance. In the case of an emergency, we’re able to respond quickly and effectively with timely medical and security assistance. We can also provide and coordinate:

  • Highly trained security personnel (such as security guards and protection specialists) who are licensed, insured and trained to handle any situation.

  • Support with risk assessments and planning to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the attendees, and the protection of your reputation and brand.

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